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How to Focus on Online School

SATUNUS.ID – Since the outbreak of COVID-19 and the implementation of social restrictions, many schools, universities and other educational institutions have started distance education by conducting online classes.

Attending classes from home may seem like a great idea as it saves a lot of time, is more convenient, and also saves on transportation costs.

There are many benefits to studying from home, such as schedule flexibility, independent study, and a comfortable environment.

However, many students find it difficult to maintain the same level of concentration as when studying in a classroom.

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Moreover, during this pandemic, using a laptop all day while taking online classes is a challenge for the students. Without a strategy to solve the difficulties encountered, performance while studying is likely to decline.

Not a few students avoid studying online because they haven’t found the best method to focus on studying at home.

Online classes can be challenging, which is why it’s important to take the necessary steps to stay disciplined and motivated while taking classes.

For those who often have difficulty focusing when carrying out online learning, here are some tips that students and students can apply to study from home.

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Avoid using cell phones

One of the most time-consuming things and the biggest obstacle today is the cellphone. Whether it’s to play games, check social media, or reply to incoming messages.

Therefore, it is best if the cellphone can be set to silent or airplane mode to avoid annoying notifications. Try to open social media only during breaks or as a means of motivation when completing certain tasks.

Creating a conducive learning space

If possible, create a quiet study space so you won’t be disturbed by noise or distractions at home. That means somewhere away from the television, game console, or comfortable couch.

If possible, keep the study door closed during class hours to block out noise from other parts of the house, such as noise from pets or TV noise from the living room.

Take advantage of technology

Students tend to be demotivated and lazy when facing difficulties in one subject. When this happens, it may be time to seek outside help, either by joining a tutoring program or arranging time management.

Today, there are many programs that provide tutoring services, note-takers, or schedulers that you can use for effective online study.

Keep getting enough sleep

Sleep has an important role to maintain concentration while studying the next day. Online classes, due to their flexibility, can easily lead to sleep deprivation for students.

Adequate sleep at night has been shown to help improve memory where the brain can work more optimally after waking up, and can also improve mood. So, always make sure to still take adequate rest time with a consistent schedule.

Keep a consistent schedule

Even though they have to take online classes, students must be able to maintain their routine as usual. Also, it’s a good idea to dress as if you’re going to attend a class face-to-face rather than staying in your pajamas.

In addition, brewing warm tea in the morning can also be an option to start activities in the morning. Consistency is an important aspect when it comes to staying focused on online classes.